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During the Business Program of the International INTERFABRIC-2017 Exhibition (August 28-30) a Workshop for enterprises and companies of various sub-sectors of the light industry, organized by the Russian Union Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry was held.

The main task of the Workshop is the development and effective use of tools to improve the efficiency of production processes, interaction between the sub-sectors of the light industry, in the marketing of products, and the use of financial resources. On these and other issues, a series of profile sessions, round tables, master classes was held for three days.

The event was attended by authoritative industry experts and representatives of the business community and government bodies.

Well-known analysts and representatives of the business sector were the partners and consultants of the event: Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, Inga Mikaelyan, Svetlana Romanova, Irina Borodavko, Elena Rehak, Maria Kulikova, Konstantin Yakunin, Natalia Vstovskaya, etc. Large professional companies were invited to participate in the Workshop, including Fashion Consulting Group, Fashion Factory School, RBC, PRIME factoring group, Express RMS, Just Logistics agency, Romir group.

“The organization of such events is increasingly demanded by industry participants to enhance their own competencies, understand their position in the market and opportunities for further development,” said Andrey Razbrodin, the president of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry. – The program of the Workshop was structured in such a way that the event covered the entire chain of the production process – from the search and purchase of raw materials to the positioning and marketing of products to the end consumer. Each process was considered in stages, and in the context of the optimal options for solving various problems. ”

In addition, the uniqueness of such a format of the Workshop, according to A. Razbrodin, “lies in the fact that the event represents a practical and educational direction. That allows you to get the expertise from both professional consultants and successful Russian manufacturers. ”

A series of workshops was completed on August 30 of this year with the participation of the well-known major retail chains Decathlon, Glance, SELA, Finn Flare, O’stin, Baon, Forward, Modis, IKEA, Victoria Andreyanova’s House, METRO, and also 50 Russian manufacturers of various types of light industry products. Perhaps the main result of the TPS was the unanimous opinion of retail representatives: Russian producers have significant potential to meet the demand of processors and ordinary consumers for a wide range of competitive products of the industry.

We present the opinions of a number of experts and representatives of the business community who participated at the INTERFABRIC-2017.Autumn and the preparation of its Business Program:

ALEXANDRA KALOSHINA, the founder of the Solstudio Textile Design, ‘Radical Chic’ brand of accessories:

“One of the most vivid impressions of the exhibition was, according to many visitors of INTERFABRIC-2017, the Textile Expert Forum.

Samples of the best seasonal fabrics of participating companies concentrated in one place gave an opportunity to look at the producers’ view on the seasonal preferences of consumers and literally in a matter of hours to inspect a large amount of material, choose the most suitable and immediately go to the necessary stands. This greatly reduces the time for analysis and searching for the right tissue. Such a format, collected according to thematic areas, helps to correctly orient oneself in the tendencies of the textile industry.

In addition, the trend zone of textile design was very popular. Instead of the stated two trend-tours per day, seminars were organized and held  almost every hour for the most diverse audience. ”

ANNA LEBSAK-KLEIMANS, General Director of Fashion Consulting Group:

“The business program of the exhibition provided an opportunity not only to get acquainted with the trends that form the textile industry, but also to establish personal contacts with specialists and business representatives, to find useful contacts for practical daily work. In addition, the professional team of the organizers of the exhibition created a very attractive atmosphere within the business program, balancing the business and personal communication of all participants of the program. ”

DMITRY KOLYASOV, head of the profile department of the Industrial Development Fund:

“The participants of the exhibition and its Business Program showed considerable interest in combining financial and non-financial support tools for the industry, first of all, through the state information system of industry. It will be noted, in this connection, that this system is actively developing and filling with services that have practical relevance for enterprises. One of its key services is a catalog of industrial products where the enterprise can post free information about the products it produces. This catalog is integrated with an electronic trading platform and marketplace that significantly expands the markets of sales of manufactured products.

As the discussions in the forum showed, access to more than five hundred measures of support from development institutions is becoming more and more important for producers, which contributes to expanding the capacity of enterprises to attract financial resources for investment projects. ”

SOFIA ALIBEKOVA, Deputy Head of External Communications Department, Innovation Promotion Foundation:

“I would like to note the high level of the organization of the event, the professional approach to the business, the rich and interesting Business Program.The professionals of the industry discussed the current issues of the development of the domestic light industry and worked out solutions to address its pressing problems.I am sure that the participants have learned a lot of new knowledge, contacts. See you at the next forum! “.

GENNADY SUVOROV, General Director of the Elena Shipilova Fashion House:

“I was pleasantly surprised by the number of participants at the Workshop and its good organization. Based on the lively discussion and questions from the audience, the round table on marketing and branding raised very topical issues. At the same time, it was also pleasant for the panel discussion participants to get a feedback. Such events, including workshops, should be held regularly. ”


“As the lively discussions at this forum have shown, the world’s light industry is developing in the following main areas: the use of digital technologies in the design and management of production, the mechanization of manual labor and the development of new materials with special properties and increased consumer properties.

According to the same discussions, the industry needs a market of qualified specialists, new materials, information availability about advanced technologies and advanced service in the field of equipment maintenance and IT technologies.

The business program of the exhibition allowed to determine the ways of development of intra-industry interaction and, figuratively speaking, the vector of efforts. The industry participants need to exchange experience and popularize successful projects implemented: this was fully confirmed during the exhibition and all its events. ”

INGA MIKAYELYAN, head of the RBC analytical group:

“The INTERFABRIC-2017 exhibition has undoubtedly become one of the central events for both Russian light industry enterprises and for international participants that are already presented in the Russian Federation or planning to enter the domestic market. The opportunity to communicate with industry representatives as well as with the expert community – in a literal sense – opens eyes to the current situation in the industry, supplying with knowledge, aimed at building more efficient production and goods promotion.

I hope for the further development of the exhibition, its greater coverage both in terms of increasing the number of specialists in the industry and the geography of the participants. ”

NATALIA VSTOVSKAYA, General Director, “Friendly World” LLC:

“The program of the exhibition turned out to be complex, with a high degree of concentration on specific topics, for example, at the session on state support, the organizers managed to present a multidimensional picture of the process, as well as programs, technologies and contacts for continuing production and investment activities.

It is also important that the entire work of the forum was interactive. Presenting at the session a consulting program from the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light industry to assist business in the search for state investments, we saw, by the nature of the discussion, how relevant such a program is. I’m sure, at the next exhibition we’ll tell you about its results. ”

 Lyudmila NORSOYAN, Fashion factory School:

“Since the first season INTERFABRIC has attracted the attention of all professionals of the fashion industry of the country and my personal.

The request of the organizers for the creation of the world-class exhibition aroused a keen interest of potential participants – producers of modern textiles of classical and innovative directions, interested in productive information, in working contacts of visitors – developers and manufacturers of on-line apparel and designer brands in search of unique textile offers and mutually beneficial conditions cooperation.

This season we saw an excellent breakthrough – the creation of a trend-space. Worthy and at the highest level, the most advanced ideas in the field of textile and subject print (the hottest trend of the fashion industry) are presented, plus an excellent sample – presentation of  the best positions of domestic and foreign textiles.

The idea of holding a review and competition of the presented fabrics on the principles of actual trends turned out to be simply cosmic! Particular pride is the choice of worthy juries (in which I had the honor to be with colleagues) – domestic textile workers.

INTERFABRIC and its organizers have set a high level of the exhibition, and I sincerely wish everyone an evolution and a revolution in the domestic fashion industry. ”

Zheng Gina, expert of the foreign trade department of Jiangsu Sunshine Group (Jiangsu Province, PRC):

“We have seen during the exhibition that a very wide range of its participants and guests shows a growing interest not only in the industry’s products, but also in new industry technologies, in respect of expert estimates and forecasts in the field of light industry and related industries.

The company produces a diverse range of woolen and blended products, raw materials are supplied from Australia and New Zealand: in these countries it is still the most qualitative and affordable.

In recent years, the use of Chinese raw materials has increased, but although it is relatively cheap, it is yet inferior to the imported in quality. On the Russian market, our products were widely represented, but due to the devaluation of the ruble, the demand of the processing sector and ordinary consumers declined, and in my opinion, the demand of the processing sector and ordinary consumers continues to decline, although many exhibitors and visitors showed interest in our products, which allows us to hope for a recovery in demand for it. But this depends, mainly, on the exchange rate and, therefore, on effective demand. These same factors are the main, in my opinion, for the dynamics of foreign investment in the Russian light industry. “