FCN textiles

Address Le Bourg, Fourneaux, 42470, France
Country France
City Fourneaux
Phone +33-4-77-66-40-40
Fax +33-4-77-66-40-49
  • Fabrics for clothes production

FCN textile is the only factory in France where broché and devoré fabrics are produced according to old Lyons traditions. Many European designers come here for inspiration, and customers from Dubai and the Emirates, since original machines for producing saris and fabrics with a width of 110 cm are preserved here. The factory produces all kinds of fabrics for high fashion, it is a special technique of silk jacquards, inkjet printing, special dyeing , brocade, satin, cloak, transparent and printed chiffon, organza, tweeds, etched velvet and other elegant fabrics. Adherence to the traditions of textile production in France and matching with the trends create a unique collection.