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Within the framework of the 3rd international exhibition of fabrics and textile materials INTERFABRIC-2017.Autumn an intense three-day Business program will be presented to the attention of visitors and participants.

The workshop on improving the efficiency of representatives of the light industry and creating competitive Russian products

Dates: August 28 – 30, 2017.
Location: Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds at Krasnaya Presnya (Pavilion 7, halls of Pavilion 7)
The business program of the event involves conducting practical sessions and master classes that affect the main activities and production processes, from purchasing materials to placing goods on the shelves, selling and promoting the brand.
Active and leading market participants, successful brands and manufacturers, experts and organizations will be involved in the business program in accordance with the topics.
An important task of the event is to provide equal opportunities for industry representatives to the necessary information and best practices for improving the business processes of the organization and effective communication within the industry.
Also, it is planned to hold the second trade-purchasing session for manufacturers and brands interested in cooperation.
Objectives of the event:
•Practical and consulting activities for industry participants with the goal of developing competencies and exchanging experience to improve the competitiveness of goods
•Direct exchange of professional information between industry participants
• Identificaton of ways to overcome barriers and improve business performance
•Sewing and textile enterprises
•Retailers, wholesale companies
•Experts in areas, consultants
•Financial organizations
•Service, logistics companies
•Representatives of technologies and equipment
•Representatives of non-profit, industry and government organizations
The main blocks of the business program:
•Production block. Inside the industry interaction: from the thread to the counter.
•Financial unit. State support measures, financing opportunities.
•Marketing block and sales. Promotion of the brand, marketing tools, sales. Trade and purchasing session.
The full version of the program will be available on our website after July 10th.
Some sessions involve a closed format.
For those who wish to participate in the Business Program, please register on the exhibition website and send an application to the e-mail address: (In the application, indicate: name, organization, telephone and mail, subject for discussion).

Preliminary version of the Business Program

(There may be changes in the program)

                                                                  August 28 (First day)
Topics of the day: Raw materials, logistics, customs. State support measures and funding opportunities.
1.Raw material issue: Fabrics and accessories.
– Demand for fabrics and structure of the market of fabrics and accessories
– Possibilities of production and purchase of fabrics inside the country
– Printing on fabric in Russia and processing of fabrics
– Suppliers of raw materials
– Specificity of wholesale purchases of fabrics through distributors within the country
– Features of logistics of international cargo and goods inside the country
 1.2. Purchase of fabrics, import. Customs clearance. Workshop with FCS
– The main barriers for the purchase of fabrics abroad
– Tax schemes and customs clearance
– Customs audit
– Customs cost
– Certification and conformity assessment when importing goods into the territory of the Russian Federation
2. Support measures and financing.
– State support measures.
– Banks, crediting.
– Leasing programs.
– Factoring.
– Financial support programs.
                                                                   August 29 (Second day)
Topics of the day: Building effective production. Market needs and product promotion.
1.Increasing of the efficiency of the enterprise and optimization of business and production processes. Seminar.
– Automation of production (production management programs, technologies and equipment)
– Programs for designing and modeling clothes
– Technologies and equipment
2. Features of the management of the production process at different stages of the life cycle of the company. Practical.
– Building a management model and production structure
– Main problems and possible methods in the organizational structure
– Improving the effectiveness of management processes
3. The market of consumption. Statistics and forecasts.
– Current situation in the market.
– Purchasing ability, statics.
– Features of consumption of light industry products
– Forecasts and prospects
– New approaches and working methods in the current situation
4.Creation and promotion of a brand in Russia. Successful cases and practical experience.
– How to create your own brand
– Stages and basic rules for creating and promoting a brand
– The complexities of brand development in Russia and the best practices of Russian brands
– How to find your niche
– Marketing for clothing manufacturers
– Prospects of Russian brands in Russia and abroad
– Effective Promotion Methods
                                                              August 30 (The third day)
Topics of the day: Sales and sales channels. Trade and purchasing session.
1. Sales. Online trade. Master class.
-Creating an online store.
– Experience with online stores, marketplaces and trading platforms
– Technologies and forms of payment
2. Sales.Offline trade. Master class.
– Mono and multi-brand shops
– Management of retail sales.
– Optimization of residuals
3. Practice on working with networks. Placing orders at Russian factories. Practice.
– How to find a reliable supplier of STMs
– The problem of creating a collection for STM – the task of the factory and the customer
– Placement of production – “turnkey” or management of factories by product categories
– STM margins and capacities of factories
– Objective obstacles for the development of STMs produced in Russia
– Experience of networks and manufacturers
– Conditions and features for successful cooperation
Participants: Networks and manufacturers.
4.Trade and purchasing session for networks and manufacturers.
Registration for the trade-purchasing session is carried out separately. To participate in the TPS please fill out the application form and send it to the mail:
Name of the responsible person
Location of the factory (production)
Contacts (phone, e-mail)
Year of foundation of the company
Production and circulation per month
Staff at the factory
Do you have any experience with STM, networks and brands?
A detailed business program will be published on our website, in the section BUSINESS PROGRAM OF THE EXHIBITION – after July 10 of this year.
For inquiries and proposals for participation, please contact:,
T. (495) 280-15-48 (Resp. Igor Ulyanov)