Address 1, of.716, Kulneva Str., Moscow, 121170, Russia
Country Russia
City Moscow
Phone +7(966)-019-42-46, 8-804-333-8-404 (бесплатно по России)
  • Fabrics for clothes production

Company is the official distributor of Indian textile factories. New age of textile. There are fabrics for blouses and dresses: 100% cotton, 100% modal, 100% viscose, cotton-modal, moreover there are bottomweight fabrics with lycra. One color dyed and printing. The company can do your own design and your colors. There is stock in Moscow and Novosibirsk with a SS19 and AW19-20 seasons. More then 200 articles at the warehouse. Supply from 10 meters to all customers. Moscow and Novosibirsk showrooms.