Address 109651, 20-1, Ilovayskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
Country Russia
City Moscow
Phone +74956402937
  • Fabrics for clothes production
  • Subsidiary and associated goods, components
  • Knitted fabrics

The Petromiks company has been leading in the Russian textile market for over 25 years. Today, the Petromiks range of products includes more than 5,000 items, in addition to coat fabrics, these are applied materials, costume and dress fabrics, artificial and eco-fur, suede, leather substitute. The range is constantly updated and expanded. The range of applied materials is not limited to flizelin and dublerin, the company  also offers  a variety of lining fabrics, plain, printed, jacquards, both from Europe and Southeast Asia, as well as Italian insulators VALTHERM, TORAY and TOOTAL shirt fabrics, side fabrics, and all other necessary applied materials for the production of men’s suits and outerwear.