Address ул. Клары Цеткин, 18, 4а
Country Республика Беларусь
City Минск
Phone (+375 17) 200-21-30, 210-42-90 (факс) Телефон для покупателей из РФ: +7 499 70-30-124
Site www.furnitop.by
  • Fabrics for clothes production
  • Technical textiles and non-woven materials
  • Subsidiary and associated goods, components
  • Furniture, accessories, finishing materials
  • Yarn and thread

The company Furnitop traces its history since 1997 and today it is: – the largest supplier of accessories, zippers, threads, fabrics and lining materials in the Republic of Belarus; – a professional consultant on its product – its purpose, unique characteristics, consumer properties, behavior during operation; -an active assistant in promoting and introducing new materials and technological developments to the market and, thus, in increasing the competitiveness of finished products. The main advantage of Furnitop is reliability. The company retains its reputation among the customers due to the fact that Furnitop provides clients with continuous technical assistance, promptly complete and deliver the goods, and quickly respond to all customers’s needs and comments.