Address 4 rue Bernard Palissy, 54300, Chanteheux, France
Country France
City Chanteheux
Phone +330383740266
Fax +33(0)3 83 73 07 83
  • Fabrics for clothes production
  • Others
  • Furniture, accessories, finishing materials

The Bacus company was founded in 1908 in the town of Luneville. Over time Bakus has combined various production technologies: Cornelia – sewing specialist Corneli, lace Laurence, Novotex – perturbed lace, Dorje – galloons and lace from metal. Today Bacus continues to embody more than a century of tradition and develop new ideas in the field of fashion for sewing, galloons, fabrics, lace, yarn and accessories. The whole range of products is manufactured in France and is developed in its own design bureau. The company Bakus received the deserved recognition of the world with luxury brands, haute couture houses, pret-a-porter, linen manufacturers, corset products, swimwear, and interior designers.