Address 72, Sørliveien, Halden, 1788, Norway
Country Norway
City Halden
Phone +47 952 03 437
Fax +47 69 19 57 68
Site http://www.loxy.no
  • Furniture, accessories, finishing materials
  • Technical textiles and non-woven materials
  • Subsidiary and associated goods, components

With the help of innovative technologies that have been tested for several decades in the harsh climatic conditions of Norway, and thanks to close cooperation with our customers, LOXY has developed world-class products. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the company has become the largest manufacturer and seller of sealing tapes for sealing clothing seams, reflective tapes and high visibility clothing. Currently, the company has offices, subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Shanghai and the United States. Currently, work is underway to accredit a subsidiary company LOXY in Russia. The company is doing everything possible to keep pace with modern innovative technologies, as well as to keep the production focused on the interests of customers.