Lertex Group

Address 140060, Россия, Московская область, Люберецкий район, пос.Октябрьский, ул.Ленина 47
Country Россия
City Московская область, Люберецкий район, пос.Октябрьский
Phone +7495108-0528
Site http://www.lertex.ru
  • Fabrics for clothes production
  • Цифровая печать
  • Knitted fabrics
The LERTEX GROUP company supplies high-tech fabrics and knitwear for comfortable clothes. LERTEX materials are textile solutions for creating sought-after collections of clothing and accessories for the whole family. Jacket fabrics, coated fabrics membrane, fleece and synthetic knitwear, lining, designer prints on fabric – from stock and on order. In the offer of the LERTEX GROUP company: PREKSON membrane fabrics, synthetic knitwear of the new generation SHELYS; full-color digital print on LERTEX DIGITAL fabric.