Luthai Textile Group

Address 255100, China, Shandong. #81 East Song Ling Rd,, Zichuan Dis,, Zibo City,, Shandong Province
Country China
City Zibo City
Phone +8618253382756
  • Fabrics for clothes production

Luthai Group is an industry association with Luthai Textile Co., Ltd. as the parent company, with 12 held subsidiaries and 11 affiliated companies and with total assets of RMB 13.5 billion, net assets of 10.37 billion and more than 30000 employees. Luthai Textile is a listed corporation with A shares and B shares and a textile and garment enterprise whose production lines including cotton breeding, cotton planting, spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing and shirts sewing to one point, with complete market chain of dual brands.