Ricamificio Alberto Rola

Address 14, Via Garibaldi Fraz. Bolladello, Cairate, 21050, Italy
Country Italy
City Cairate
Phone +390331310580
Fax 390331313049
Site http://www.imago-rola.it
  • Fabrics for clothes production

IMAGO ROLA (Italy, Milan) represents a rich and diverse collection of fabrics for fashionable clothing that meets the requirements of the avant-garde of fashion and is in demand by designers of the world brands casual and premium levels. The collection includes jacquards, sewing, devour, perforated and other fabrics with complex textures, as well as basic and printed fabrics. The collection offers opportunities for the realization of bold design ideas. Fabrics for suits, dresses, blouses, luxe, fancy and casual, basic articles of high quality. Color maps, prices and samples on www.apparel-textile.com