Segovin Tekstil

Address 34380, Turkey, Istanbul, Cumhuriyet mh. Izzetpaşa sk. Süer apt. No:3 d:7
Country Turkey
City Istanbul
Phone +902122206966
  • Fabrics for clothes production
  • Yarn and thread
Segovin Tekstil is a trading, import and export company from Istanbul, Turkey. The company produces its own fabrics, working with various weaving mills operating in Turkey, and also buys fabrics from reliable foreign manufacturers and dyes, processes its own designs, and coatings on various materials.Segovin Tekstil imports its own design fabrics from Korea, Taiwan, China and Indonesia. Among the company’s buyers are large brands from Turkey, Spain, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Russia. Fashion is the second largest industry in the world, so the company has a very big responsibility, which means that Segovin Tekstil must use “environmentally friendly” and “renewable” products. That is why the company has added sustainable resources to its collection, such as modal fiber, Sorona fiber and recycled fiber.